Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rumor of New Development in Medjugorie Apparition Approval

A report has been released that Vienna's Cardinal Schonborn will be visiting Medjugorje from December 8th through January 4th. Schonborn told Cardinal Ratizinger in 1989, "if Medjugorje were closed, he would also have to close the Seminary in Vienna, because the majority of those candidates had received their call to the priesthood through Medjugorje. To this, Cardinal Ratzinger replied: "Closing Medjugorje is not even a question!" Blessed Mother's Children
Catholic Femina Speaks: This will be a very eye opening event, if in fact Schonborn does visit Medjugorje. He will look at all the facts and give a more clear image of the happening from recent months. I feel confident that he will unearth the truth so that the Church can have a clearer picture of the validity of Medjugorje.

Vatican Gives A Lesson on How to Say Latin Mass

Catholic Femina Speaks: The Tridentine Mass is so long been ignored that the priests of today do not know or understand its rituals and traditions. The return of the full beauty of the Tridentine mass will take time, as the priests learn how to say and the laity learn how to respond and participate.