Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Most Pro-Life Part of The Super Bowl

There was a big debate over the most pro-life moment in the Super Bowl... Tim Tebow boasted of being brave enough to star in a pro-life advertisement sponsored by Focus on the Family during Super Bowl XLIV... Soon after the Super Bowl ended speculation arose that Google's family ad showing the life of a couple, meeting, marrying in a church, and having a baby was the most pro-life part of the Super Bowl. This advertisement had a nice subtle message; it promoted normal family life. When I thought about the messages send by these promoters I was touched; but not as moved as seeing the winning quarterback forgo the usual champagne bath to cherished the moment with his one year old son Baylen and wife Brittany. I felt that this act did more than the Tebow and Google ads combined. Drew Brees won the ultimate prize of his career, and he would rather share it with his family than act crazy. He told America what was most important to him, and the message of life carrier through him unintentionally. I believe that a lot of Americans will take a step back to examine this more closely when they think about how the winning quarterback raised his baby before the Lombardi. Brees was moved to tears as he kissed his baby and relished his Super bowl win. The image of this great athlete gave Americans a reality, children will not end your life, rather they will enrich it! Life is precious.