Wednesday, May 20, 2009

America's Idol?

Tonight is the most talked about night in prime time television, America will decide on this year’s American Idol.
The finalist Chris Allen and Adam Lambert are very different. Chris has been called "the boy next door,"and exemplifies the typical teen heart-throb; Lambert is gay, and has made this clear through his costumes and attitude throughout the idol competition. The lives of the contestants have been a determinate of the vote throughout the season.
I can sympathize with the contestants who want a real win. Allen said that he hoped the outcome isn't decided by "having the Christian vote." And Adam Lambert said "It's about music. That's really important to keep in mind." If America is voting based on morality then the winner is the real American Idol. People vote on this competition based on who they want to be an ‘Idol’ someone their children can look up to. Most parents do not want their children to ‘idolize’ an outwardly homosexual man. They want their children to model themselves after a man who they would not mind looking at the poster of everyday. Christian parents would not mind their daughters having a secret crush on Chris, but finding that their sons had a crush on Lambert would be upsetting. I understand that this is a singing contest, but this is a projection of American morality and who the American people want their teenagers to ‘idolize.’ I hope that the contestants understand that singing in the competition is important to America, but I am inclined to believe America will vote on the idol competition based on the whole package, personal beliefs and morality included.

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