Thursday, May 28, 2009

Toys Worth Buying

It took me three Christmases and two birthdays to discover that my daughter does not play with the huge menagerie of toys she receives at any gift letting party. Before her third birthday I contemplated what I should get her as a gift and my sister prompted me to look into the toys suggested in the Montessori school approach. I decided to purchase a few of the toys. A wooden art easel, wooden puzzles, basic wooden toys, and books; these toys were more expensive than the items I had bought at previous holidays and did not come with all the bells and whistles. My daughter opened each gift and, as I expected, was more excited about the other presents directly from the store advertisements. To my surprise shortly after her birthday she began to play with the educational gifts I had bought for her and they are now her favorite toys. The other presents that she received lost their charm in less than a week and now reside in the closet. I highly recommend veering away from the plastic noise making toys to simpler classic toys; I am very surprised how much time my daughter spends playing with them, and learning.

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