Monday, September 20, 2010

President Obama Insults African American Voters

"The last election was a changing of the guard -- now we need to guard the change," Obama said according to Yahoo News. He made this plea to Congressional Black Caucus, begging them to get the message out to their people. This is the biggest Swiss cheese campaign I have seen in a long time. I felt that this was a huge insult! He did not tell the C.B.C. what the changes were, only that they needed to be protected. Obama constantly calls for "change." His follows call for "change," but no one seems to really know what this "change" even is. Each individual can tell you the "change" that they want to see, and when you ask if that is happening they defend the president. Obama has a national campaign that allows all peoples in all places to fill in the blank. I want "_____" change! In so doing he is moving millions of people in the same direction with one over arching slogan of fame. He promises nothing to anyone, while promising the nation "change for all." I hope that people will see through this facade and let the president know that they want facts. The C.B.C. needs to send a message that their voters are intelligent and without a list of the changes made they are not going to defend it. I am certain that many of these people will be surprised when they learn that the president's "change" is different than their "change."

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