Saturday, September 18, 2010

Witch Craft, Really Christine?

This evening I read an article, by Associated Press, on Christine O'Donnell and here admittance to "dabbling in witch craft." I am Catholic and the heart of our faith is repentance, but this article was not unveiling a long time transgression to which O'Donnell asp apologizes. It was in fact exposing an interview in which Christine laughs about the incident. The grassroots candidate who has been pushing herself in conjunction with the yes party movement is not a representative of Christianity. Moreover, joking about "witchcraft" is more than just a dishonoring to Christians. It is an overarching blasphemy before God! Furthermore, it is a slap in the face to our founding father who set this republic that we live in as "one nation under God."
Catholic Femina Speaks: We understand that many of our politicians are flawed, but cannot settle for mediocre people who do not hold to the faith of our country. Our values will never be recognized by candidates who moke us and use us. Wake-up America, and look to good people. Not the lesser of two evils....
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