Sunday, October 11, 2009

School Sues Father For Pro-Life T-Shirt

The father of a middle-school student ordered to remove an "Abortion is not Healthcare" T-shirt on the day of President Obama's speech to students says the school's dress code amounts to "draconian censorship of religious and political speech."
The school's dress code bans "clothing which creates hostile educational environment or evidences discriminatory bias or animus." Another policy prohibits speech which "seek[s] to establish the supremacy of a particular religious denomination, sect, or point of view," according to the lawsuit. Courthouse News Service
Catholic Femina Speaks: So this man is being sued for wearing a pro-life T-Shirt, while children may freely wear Obama clothing without any resistance. The public school system is tool used by the federal government to brain wash children. The Culture of death is subtle and slowly removes the resistance in order to confuse the children. Parents need to take a closer look at their kids' schools and decide if the agenda of the federal government is what they want their children hearing. There is no doubt that this is occurring, beginning at kindergarten with the introduction to the culture of death indoctrinating small children before they are able to read that the government is caring for them, and their parents take back seat. Even children who are removed from the FED's brain washing program at young ages still experience problems; when parents try to instill morals that do not match the stripping of morals from the young children. Massachusetts and California lead the kindergarten revolution with Gay agenda in Massachusetts: "Two Father Penguins" and the stem cell research in California. These programs effectively teach children under six that parents are not a reliable source for morals, misplacing their compassion and morals. These mistakes are hard to undo.

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