Friday, October 2, 2009

Update! CONGRATULATIONS!: In One Day FEDS Concede to Keep Christ in Christmas

After only one day the Alliance Defense Fund has conceded to allow Christian images on the Government "holiday tree." After a tremendous response from Christians everywhere to maintain the freedom of religion the FEDs were forced to allow images that have Christian tradition or significance. Christ cannot be removed from Christmas as long as it is celebrated, regardless of the efforts of the ADF for diversity. World Net Daily
Catholic Femina Speaks: I was thrilled to see Christians taking ground and speaking up. Keeping our holidays centered in Christ, and protecting our children's freedoms. Prohibiting the national CHRISTMAS TREE was just not constitutional; and I say Christmas tree because Christmas is the holiday with a decorated tree, not Kwanzaa, Hanuka, or Ramadan. I do not find any offense in speaking the truth. Trying to absorb other cultures into an all absorbing blob is more offensive than recognizing that every culture has their own customs and because our nation has been founded as a Christian country placing their trust in God there is nothing inappropriate about expressing this through the celebration of a Christian holiday. I am glad this offense to Christians everywhere has been corrected so quickly.

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