Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vatican Calls New UN Population Control "Abuse of Power"

The Vatican's chief representative to the United Nations said giving foreign development aid only if a country adopts family planning programs that promote artificial birth control is "an abuse of power." Speaking at the United Nations in New York Sept. 29, Archbishop Celestino Migliore, papal nuncio to the world body, said true development entails respecting human life. However, in some parts of the world, "development aid seems to be tied rather to the recipient countries' willingness to adopt programs which discourage demographic growth of certain populations by methods and practices disrespectful of human dignity and rights," he said. He said it is "both cynical and unfortunate" that the developed world frequently tries to export a mentality of artificial birth control to developing countries "as if it were a form of cultural progress or advancement." "To predicate the decision to give development aid on the acceptance of such policies constitutes an abuse of power," CNS
Catholic Femina Speaks: The Contraceptive industry has been continuously growing, they are targeting children and those who are less fortunate. The Vatican has called the recent move to force third world countries into 'family planning' in exchange for aid an "Abuse of Power." Forcing countries into contraception plans is wrong. The Vatican understands that is the role of God to decide birth, not the role of government. The U.N. has been advocating population control for decades, it is now with the support of the Obama administration who are advocates for abortion, that they are getting momentum to carry out their agenda. The people who will suffer the most from this plan are the individuals that the UN is 'claiming' to be aiding. G.W. Bush wanted to police the world for the UN... Obama wants to initiate a genocide of the less productive countries. According to this UN policy only those countries that are wealthy should have children, the poor should be limit or stop reproducing.


  1. This is outrageous. Thanks for keeping us posted on this development.

  2. The United Nations is nothing more than an extension of the Rockefeller power-grid whose ongoing primary agenda is to unify control to one monopolistic world government and to institute the very same fundamental eugenics program that Hitler had executed. People need to wake up and resist the tyranny!