Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Traditional- Anglicans Return to the "One" Fold

The prayers of millions have been answered and Christian history has been made on October 20, 2009. 'May They Be One!' In an absolutely stunning announcement on the morning of October 20, the Holy See has, by Apostolic Constitution, provided the canonical vehicle for Anglican Christians to be received into full communion with the Catholic Church. Catholic
Catholic Femina Speaks: What Next? The Anglicans are allowed to return, will this be a new rite? How will the rest of the church react, is this to be like the retelling of the prodigal son... Personally I am over 10 miles away from the nearest Catholic Church, but there is an Anglican church less than a mile away. I am interested to see if they will be offering a valid mass that I can attend. Now, just because the Anglicans have been allowed to return doesn't mean that they all will... if you want to attend an Anglican church to hear a valid mass you must first ask the pastor if this church is in full communion with the Pope in Rome. "Deciding" or "in the process of returning" do not count as a valid mass and do not fulfill your Sunday obligation. The Anglican have always carried in their tradition the "Cup of Christ's traditions." Now unlike other protestant churches who do not accept the truth and have their cup half-empty; the Anglicans who wish to have their cup filled may do so. Praise God: "we should make merry and be glad, for your brother was dead, and is alive again; was lost and now is found!" Luke 15:32


  1. It would be a better idea to contact the diocese to find out...

    Many Anglicans do consider themselves Catholic, and some will say that they are in communion with Rome, even if they are not.

    I don't think a new rite will be formed... I would think that the Anglican Use Liturgy of the Roman Rite, as it is now, would be sufficient...

    I'm excited about this... Anglicans often have a deeper respect for the liturgy than many Catholics nowadays... especially, I suspect, the ones that are becoming Catholic because of orthodox teachings about the Priesthood. Hopefully they'll rub off on us.

    And praise God that they will finally be able to receive Our Lord truly present in the Eucharist!

  2. The Holy Father has asked Catholics to be welcoming and charitable regarding the decision. It would be unfortunate to see Anglicans complain.

    And technically, you are not supposed to attend an Anglican rite Catholic church, as it is not your rite, unless you have family heritage that is Church of England.

  3. scratch that. It should read "it would be unfortunate for anyone to complain" as the Holy Father has worked hard to accept them while respecting their cultural heritage, which Vat. II's Sacrosanctum Concilium allows him to do.