Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pope's "Charity in Truth" IS COMING SOON!

The anticipation has been growing for the release of Pope Benedict XVI’s third encyclical. He has announced the title: "Caritas in veritate" - Charity in truth. This encyclical is going to address social issues. The timely release of this document will help the American people to understand the problems arising with legislation such as the Waxman-Markey Bill, and movements toward globalization. The Pope will give a wake-up call to the environmentalists who focus on endangered animal species and ignore the traumatic deaths of the unborn babies in abortion. Italian Reporter Gian Guido Vecchi of CNA has revealed some of the content in the upcoming encyclical.

It will pay attention to the “ecologic health of the planet,” but will remind
that “the duties we have to the environment are connected to the duties we have
toward the human person”, because “the first capital to be protected and
cherished is the human person in its integrity.” Says Vecchi

The Pope is going to ask accountability from everyone, not just officials. Not a mass tax to solve everything, rather he is calling the world to a mass movement to global responsibility. He is not asking for a one world government, and even wants to make this clear. People are to be truthful to themselves and to the world; loving one another to bring about a real social conscience.

"Without truth, without trust and love for what is truthful, there is no
conscience or social responsibility, and the social action falls under the
control of private interests or logics of power, with destructive effect on
society, even more on a society in way to globalization, in difficult moments
like the current ones,” the Pope will say in “Caritas in veritate,” according to

This new encyclical is planned to be released in Italian on July 6 or 7, of next month. Pray that the world will receive it with an open heart.

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