Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friendship For a better Relationship

Anthony Buono, married with seven children; is the founder and president of Ave Maria Singles and Road to Cana . He has some great insight on the importance of married couples (particularly women) having a good supply of friends of their own sex to share in different ways to better their relationship with their spouse. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus is not to far off according to Buono. He wants to help men and women realize how their differences are not bad and couples do not have to share every waking second. He urges: "Women must not put so much pressure on a man to be a conversational friend they need. Men do need to talk more to women. Women need to have conversation. They need to know what’s going on inside. Many times a man does not even know himself enough inside to share himself. Women must be patient about that. Typically, women find this in another woman. That’s why there are so many happy marriages where each spouse has their same-sex friends. These friendships outside the couple enhance the person and make them better spouses to each other. Don't give up on a good man who defines who he is by his actions. Just because he does not talk as much as you would like does not mean he would not make a good husband and father. Make sure you have friends who make you a better person, and take that betterment and bring it faithfully into dating and marital friendship. "
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