Thursday, June 18, 2009

UN To Promote Hedonism

The UN Council has proposed to promote ‘early childhood comprehensive sexual education,’ in an effort to fight HIV in developing countries. The theory that teaching children at younger age about sex and giving them a more detailed understanding of contraceptives is going to keep them from having what they call ‘unsafe sex.’ The UN is not encouraging the proper place for sex in marriage and abstinence rather they hope to definie it as an act of pleasure giving rise to a younger culture of hedonism. The UN is not a promoter of family and supporting abstinence; Fr. Thomas J. Euteneur said to CNA: “Condom promotion has not stopped HIV in the developing world. And propagandizing young children about a value-neutral approach to sex, and telling them that they'll be safe if they use condoms is exactly how you get them to start practicing sex before marriage. This outrage is perpetrated by pagans forcing their hedonistic values on the families of the only Catholic continent in the world. It is a violation of sovereignty of nations and of the rights of parents to teach their kids on these delicate matters,” he said. Fr. Euteneur, noted that a 1995 Vatican document called The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality has condemned this type of sex education, said children’s innocence is too precious of a gift to throw away in deference to government and its coercive modern amorality.” People have to realize that children are form the hand of God and it is their innocence that Christ speaks of in the Gospel and we need to protect it as much as we can.

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