Monday, June 15, 2009

St. Alice; A Child Saint

St. Alice was only seven years old when she felt the call to enter the Cistercian Convent. Shortly after she entered Alice contracted Leprosy and was confined. She suffered great agony and eventually became paralyzed and blind. Through all of her sufferings Alice received the Eucharist, under one species. Jesus appeared to her and reassured her that she received the fullness of the Eucharist without receiving from the cup. Alice was known for her visions. In a world filled with suffering we must trust in our Lord in the Eucharist as Alice did to give us strength and hope in the Life to come.


  1. Does anyone know why she she is a saint or the events that surround her sainthood?

  2. that didnt necisarially answer my question. How did she live a life of faith please write more!