Friday, June 19, 2009

Obama Moved Against DOMA

(BP) “Calling it only ‘a start,’ President Obama signed a memorandum Wednesday giving homosexual partners of federal employees some of the benefits of married employees -- a move intended to appease the homosexual community but that ended up pleasing neither that constituency nor the other side of the same-sex debate.” The movement of President is no surprise as he is the most liberal president in history. He wishes to abolish any act to protect marriage and remove the power of the state. “The Defense of Marriage Act has two main parts -- one pertaining to the federal government and the other referencing the states. DOMA actually protects the right of states to determine social policy with respect to marriage," Byron Babione, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, a legal group which opposes "gay marriage," told BP "it allows states the freedom to protect marriage between a man and a woman and not to have the same-sex marriages of other states imposed upon them. … Repealing DOMA actually does the opposite of protecting states' rights. … Repealing of DOMA also would do untold damage to the benefits that marriage brings to society. It would open the way to defining marriage and its value out of existence.” The Christians groups are rallying together to fight changes made to the rights of married people, and more effort needs to be made to stop President Obama from relinquishing state’s rights.


  1. Perhaps its time to go after that fat church tax exception too...

    That would make kind of hard to pay off the victim of all of those pedophile priests

  2. Paula, I guess you are happy about the movement to give benefits to homosexual people. Homosexuality is a disorder, not a marriage. It is not a fruitful life giving relationship, rather according to Massachusetts study suicide rates in homosexual youth is four times as high as in heterosexual youth.
    Less than 2% of priests were convicted of these crimes; and have been punished and restitution has been paid to the families.
    In contrast only 1-2% of the total american population is homoseual and The Los Angeles Times conducted a survey in 1985 of 2,628 adults across the U.S. Of those, 27% of the women and 16% of the men had been sexually molested. Seven percent of the girls and 93% of the men had been molested by adults of the same sex. This means that 40% of child molestations were by homosexuals. This is scary that such a small demography would have committed so much of the crime. Homosexual people have a disorder and in many cases it leads to the destruction of themselves and others around them. This is why the homosexual lifestyle is to be discouraged on all levels.

  3. Remove the non-profit tax exception and millions of Americans who fall between the cracks of organizations will recieve no help. In 2007 $300 Billion dollars were donated to charity just in the US. 71% of this was from the families with incomes of $100,000 plus and was given to those families here and abroad living below poverty level. Most of the workers are volunteers, while Obama had a "$300 Billion dollar tax cut" and $80 Billion went to speical interest groups; and even more went to employ individuals to decide where money can be spent. Take away the tax exception Paula, and millions of people will suffer. Starting with the poor who depend on charity and will not receive it; and moving to the ordinary person who will be forced to pay for more poorly managed government organizations.