Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Plan Parenthood Initiating Voluntary Genocide?

A new documentary Maafa 21 has been made by Life Dynamics which reveals the genocide that plan parenthood has initiated. This film has given the parallels and connections between slavery and abortion. It shows haw the Planned Parenthood organization was founded by wealthy Americans who conspired to trim down the minority population. This documentary speaks to African-American women who are targeted to have abortions. 36% of all babies aborted are African-American. Mark Crutcher the writer and producer of the film, has shown the film twice in congress. He wants to unveil the true motive of P.P. agenda, not planning families; discouraging the growth of minority families.

Crutcher says "[Planned Parenthood] is every bit as racist as the Ku Klux Klan,
and what we need to start doing in this country is seeing that every time we
give a dollar to Planned Parenthood, that would be no different than if we gave
it to the Klan or some skinheads or some neo-Nazis.” One news now

Take a look at this documentary and help educate people about the agenda of P.P. and the movement to racial supremacy.

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  1. It is a stunning and well documented film. A MUST SEE. www.maafa21.com