Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cardinal Outraged: D.C. Funds Abortions

Cardinal Justin Rigali sent a message to the members of the House Appropriations Committee regarding a decision made by a subcommittee last week that will permit direct public funding for abortion in Washington, D.C.

Cardinal Rigali pointed out that , "no lawmaker or administration can support
such a policy change and still claim to support 'reducing abortions.'"
The White House had been claiming to be moving to a bipartisan motion to lower the number of abortions by giving earlier sex education and distributing contraceptives more readily. The bill promised to offer low-income women alternatives to abortions. This part of the bill received the support of the US Bishops, but it is doubtful that any part of this bill will in fact lower the number of abortions. The White House agenda has been moving to more early sex education in the school system and the abortion funding in D.C. proves that the White House has no expectation of abortions decreasing.

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  1. They have tried this since the70's and it has only increased pregnancys. We need to support healthy natural family life.