Thursday, July 2, 2009

Obama Promises Conscience... The Question is Who's?

In a 41 minute meeting with eight members of the Catholic Press President Obama spoke on the up coming meeting with the Pope, and several other topics. Press are calling the most notable statement was a promise for a conscience-clause

President Obama “promised that there would be a robust conscience-clause protection in place, and that it would not be weaker than the one that was already in place before President Bush’s change. Still, he added, it won’t
please everybody.” NCR

This is a very a scary statement! The Obama administration is going to make a ‘robust conscience-clause’? Whose conscience is this clause going to serve… obviously not the Catholic Church. Later during his meeting the president speculated about his upcoming visit with the Pope; he told the Catholic press: “like any other government in that there will be areas of agreement and disagreement.” We are going to be awaiting the coming of the conscience-clause in hopes that it will not hurt the morality of the American people.

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