Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bishops' Socialism to Hurt Illegal Aliens

Catholic Culture Calls it" backtracking on Illegal Aliens." The majority of Catholic Charity resources is used to help people who "slip between the cracks." These people are in large illegal aliens who are not eligible for American health care. The plan that the bishops are supporting for a socialized health care plan will not help these people. In fact this plan will in fact cause more people to loose health care because of the impact it will have on charities. Furthermore the Obama plan will not be totally pro-life and the meeting in the middle plans that we have seen in the past have only been an excuse to use tax-payer money to fund abortions and euthanasia. Universal Health care is not the answer, a missionaries heart is the call of Christians. We are obliged to help the needy, and this population is going to expand greatly if this Health care plan comes about. The US bishops are supporting the spread of socialism not Christianity.

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