Tuesday, July 7, 2009

God Calls High Schoolers

For Students entering the twelfth grade this year, many people will be asking what are your plans for the future…For those of you who are searching for God’s plan in your life don’t be ashamed. Decisions that are going to impact the rest of your life should not be taken lightly or done for any other reason rather than to pursue one’s vocation. Throughout a child’s life Dad, Mom, Grandma, or Auntie etc. have been sitting on the sidelines keeping you in check. This is the benefit of having someone who cares about you, guidance. They have made it possible for you to have a bright and wonderful future looming in front of you. Now is the tricking part for those of you entering adulthood. Parental suggestion is going to transition into the advice column rather than the obey column. A very wise father of nine had a conversation with me, before taking his son to visit Ave Maria University…..

He said I quote: “God is calling my son to his future vocation. I am just helping him find his plan taking him to visit all the colleges on his short list.” He continued enlightened, “actually I am trying to stay as detached as possible to the decision, so that I do not influence him and drown out God’s voice calling him to his vocation in life.”

This piece of wisdom has aided me greatly in youth ministry and in helping my siblings. For the high school senior God is placing a plan in your heart, his plan for your life. We know that God has a plan for us, but we have free will and must choose to carry it out. For this father taking his son to visit colleges the most important thing was not the financial aid, closeness to home, scholarships, or the meal plan, it was God’s will for his son. All these things help, but God must come first. Parents and guardians must keep this in mind, it is your kids vocation and God calls them not you the parent. Advice is helpful, but not pressure. Pray for your high school seniors in a special way that they might find God’s plan and follow it whole heartedly.

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