Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Future of Health Care With Obama?

This Past year I had a frightening experience with medicaid/hmo insurance. I have excellent private health insurance and a dedicated physician at a private practice, and I am accustomed to receiving good health care. In December of this past year I was ill, it was a Friday afternoon and my regular physician was unavailable. I had plans to go out of town and did not want to be sick over the weekend. So I decided to walk-in at the local public health clinic…this is an HMO/ Medicaid center. The clinic was filthy, the metal chairs had patent leather covers full of cracks that allowed the inner foam to peek out. The waiting room was paneled in a dark wood color, and the bottom of the paneling was white colored from years of mold. Over taken by the poorly kept waiting room I sat down with a pen to fill out a massive health history. The nurses had indicated to me on arrival that the wait would be short, and that my name was fourth on the list. I waited three hours from that point. Once they called my name I walked by countless signs for Planned Parenthood, Birth Controls, Elderly and Child Abuse as well as the general “How to tell if you have been Raped” posters. The office was dirtier than the waiting room and seemed to be fashioned after a horror movie. The doctor was courteous and spent less than five minutes examining me, and the rest of the visit filling out paperwork and made the occasional input about the benefits of “the Pill.” I took my precious prescription and left the office, at the pharmacy I discovered that I had been prescribed the wrong drugs. The whole experience was surreal, and it made me truly appreciate my wonderful health care; where my doctor cares for me. The doctor was more concerned about promoting a government anti-life agenda and getting her paperwork done rather than looking after me. The Obama plan will put everyone in the poorly tended, paperwork clinic, where abortion, contraceptives, and euthanasia are promoted. Doctors make huge sacrifices in order to care for patients; they miss out on time with their family. If health care is socialized, doctors pay will decrease, a anti-life agenda will be enacted, and we are going to suffer the consequences. Our health care is valuable and we need to help preserve that value.

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