Thursday, July 2, 2009

NFP Good or Bad?

Is NFP Misogynous? An IC Point/Counterpoint
I have been very blessed in my marriage. I have a spouse who is willing to sacrifice to bring me closer to God, just as I am ready to help him live his faith. I have seen NFP be a breaking or building point of many marriages. I personally have practiced NFP throughout my marriage of five years. My husband and I have two children, we did not ‘have oops;’ we prayed and welcomed life. We have an amazing relationship and are best friends. NFP protects this relationship, and communicate with each other rather than allowing us to live silently together. But I have met many people who have had their marriage destroyed by NFP. A marriage test at is helpful to see if you as a couple have problems and how to address them. NFP is for the couple seeking to return to the pre-fall relationship. NFP takes human sexuality and returns the preternatural gift of control over passions that Adam and Eve lost after sinning in the Garden of Eden. Husbands and wives must love one another; they must look at the spiritual, physical and physiological needs of their spouse and their family praying that God will enlighten them with the wisdom of how to care for and expand their family. If one spouse is against NFP, both need to work to resolve their problems. The sacrament of marriage is conveyed by the consent of the couple and echoed in the marital act, but if one person not whole heartedly giving then the act is less than a memorial of their sacramental union and more of a utilitarian usury. NFP can be the greatest blessing for a married couple. NFP must be shared between spouses or the couple risks losing the heart of marriage.

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  1. It is sad that only 1.5% of married American Catholics don't use artificial birth control. It is such a blessing to be open to life. Thanks for the great post.