Friday, July 24, 2009

Embryonic Stem-Cell Research a Thing of the Past

Embryonic stem cells are definitely not necessary! The controversy over the need for the unethical practice of harvesting stem cells from Embryos was rendered unnecessary today when Chinese researchers unveiled their recent discovery. These scientists worked to:

Induce cells from connective tissue in mice to revert back to their embryonic state and producing living mice from them. Thus demonstrating that cells from adults can be converted into cells that, like embryonic stem cells from fetuses, have the ability to produce any type of tissue, the researchers have made a major advance toward eliminating the need for fetal cells in research and clinical applications.LA Times

The research has given the pro-life movement more momentum to push the embryonic stem cell research out. The unethical practice of harvesting embryos was claimed to be necessary for the promotion of adult-cell research and this has been disproven. Hopefully the U.S. researchers will curb their course of study and integrate this new form of stem-cell research which preserves rather than takes life.

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