Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vietnam Persecutes Catholics: Is America Much Better?

Over half a million Catholics have filled the streets of Vietnam in response to the police attack on hundreds of peaceful worshipers on July 20th in the Tam Toa Church. The dioceses have organized 19 parades demanding the release of beaten and arrested faithful. The bishop of Vinh where the attack took place is promoting peace. In Contrast, the Communist Party launched a slander campaign against Christians. The erection of a cross has been at the heart of the Communist’s claims. Catholic.Org

Catholic Femina Speaks: The world watches and waits as half a million people gather in the streets of Communist Vietnam in defense of their faith. In America we are having our freedoms stripped one at a time. The Pope spoke out against the desecration of Bibles in America. People are publicly mocking the word of God, and it is considered just retribution for anti-homosexual material. The senate has passed a Hate-Crimes amendment that would stop freedom of speech and religion, all in defense of “Gay Rights.” We are watching as our president is trying to pass a ‘Death Care’ plan that would use government funds to provide abortions and euthanize the elderly. We live in a country where our Vice President can use the name of God as a swear word; while the Koran is protected. Our nation founded by God and indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all is dying before our eyes. Godly men and women are trying to stop these motions and need to be supported before the horrors of religious persecution are in our own backyard. Pray for legislators who are promoting the culture of Life and write to the ones who are not. Barack Obama ran his campaign on the slogan “Change.” His idea of change is giving the evils that existed prior the power to grow. The Vietnamese Catholics should be commended for banning together peacefully, following Christ’s message. American Christians need to take note and support those defending our freedoms.

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