Wednesday, July 29, 2009

US Bishops Change Health Care Demands

The July 17th, letter to Congress on behalf of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is demanding that proposed Obama Healthcare plan be “universal.” They have said that all people need health care and it will not be fair to allow people to fall between the cracks. This movement was a change from their last motion of support, where they proposed that a plan with conscience was acceptable. The bishops have asked for pro-life health care, but “have claimed that abortion neutral health care is essential.” Bishop William F. Murphy of Rockville Centre, N.Y., chairman of the bishops' Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, he has asked legislature to remember the right of conscience for physicians, patients, and health care providers. Congress should limit premiums and co-payments and increase eligibility levels, Bishop Murphy wrote. Families earning less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level should be exempt from monthly premiums all together. Then the bishops have requested that if these terms are not met and people still fall between the cracks then they would like funding to provide healthcare. The US Bishops are making demands because according to Bishop Murphy the Catholic Church "provides health care, purchases health care and picks up the pieces of a failing health care system; the Catholic community encounters and serves the sick and uninsured in our emergency rooms, shelters and on the doorsteps of our parishes," U.S. Catholic

Catholic Femina Speaks: The U.S. Bishops are asking for socialized medicine in America as a solution for poverty level patients. What Bishop Murphy’s letter lead people to believe is that poverty level people do not receive health care now, the Catholic Church is providing assistance to thousands of people who are receiving health care through the generosity of the Catholics. As a faith community we are called to give, and we have answered generously as we have some of the best not-for-profit health programs in the world: St. Jude’s Children Hospital, Shriner’s Hospital, Children’s Miracle Network, just to name a few. I understand that the concept of “free healthcare” is enticing, but one must think about the repercussions of a large socialized health care system. First higher taxes, especially on the wealthiest people as Obama and the US Bishops are calling for. In principle it sounds good, but if we rob from the rich to help the poor, the poor loose. The wealthiest people are the most generous and support the poor now. Secondly, the tax burden will make the poor poorer and the wealthy less willing to help them because they have free healthcare. Thirdly the bishops are moving away from the Gospel message; Christ said “take nothing for the journey.” (Luke 9:3) Have faith God will provide through the acceptance of the message of the Gospel in the hearts of the faithful. The end of private health care will not help the poor, it will victimize them. They will be at the bottom of the food chain, feeding of the wealthiest giving the government more force to euthanize and abort them. The over all good of the poverty stricken Americans are much better served outside of government by God-fearing people who view each person as an image of Christ.

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  1. People need to fully educate themselves on Obama's Health Plan and understand that it is a very slippery slope towards the destruction of our freedoms.