Saturday, June 6, 2009

Say Good-Bye to the Jumper

When I was a kid I thought that moms came standard in denim jumper dress. I was home schooled as a child and my mother would take us to home schooling support groups where dozens of mothers all sporting the sensible denim jumper would congregate. I was always entertained by the toddlers who would wander aimlessly through the forest of denim hoping to find their mothers and frequently grabbing the wrong skirt. The denim wearing moms in the group would compliment each other on the choice of under shirt with their jumper, and discuss the comfort of the loose fitting dresses. As a teenager I hoped that I would never be fooled into wearing these fashion blunders, I know that modesty is important and practicality is key; but whatever happened to style and beauty?
Fashion, a taboo word in the conservative Catholic community; but one must ask why? Dressing well and stylishly is not sinful. Many people avoid fashion altogether for fear of seeing an immodest image or being immodest themselves. Women in particular do not want to provoke temptation in the opposite sex so they will retreat to the bag-like fit of the denim jumper. Women should not be scared to dress attractively, do their hair, and wear makeup. Fashion can be modest and appropriate. Modern cap sleeve sweaters, mid-length skirts, and attractive accessories are easy ways to dress stylishly and modestly. Taking modern styles and making them modest is a good way to show that fashion does not have to be immodest or vulgar.

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