Thursday, September 17, 2009

45% of Doctors Plan to Flee Obama Care!

Catholic Answers has posted a questions: Would doctors consider leaving their practice if Obama care goes into effect? The numbers have been calculated and an overwhelming 45% of physicians would leave their practice because they could not offer quality health care in the purposed plan.
Catholic Femina Speaks: Good doctors would flee form this horrible plan, because they could not in good conscience give the care that they should to patients. QALY is a means to give souls a monetary value. Persons created by good have infinite value and the government wants to use productive to determine value in order to weed out those who cost more and produce less. The end of private health care is evident, and worse the Christian doctors will be forced out as well because they will not be able to practice without committing a sin. Doctors are going to be faced with some very scary ultimatums if this Obama care goes through.

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  1. Good post, thanks for the add on Facebook, truly this monstrosity of a bill must be opposed from so many viewpoints...

    I posted this below about 10 days ago, thought it might interest you. (some troll left a comment, LOL)