Sunday, September 27, 2009

Belief in God Not Growing

Catholic Femina Speaks: It is disturbing to hear how Christianity is declining in the United States, while Atheism is nearly doubling. It is also sad to see how New England is loosing it's Catholic identity; an area with once over 50% Catholic has dropped to less than 36%."The decline of Catholicism in the Northeast in nothing short of stunning" said Barry Kosmin a leader in the study of religious patterns. This drop has shifted the Catholic center of the US to the southwest with their growing number of faithful due to the influx of Hispanic immigrants. I believe that we are going to see an even greater drop in those identifying themselves as Catholics in the New England area since the United States Bishops have been taking a stronger stand against pro-abortion politicians, falsely claiming Catholicity. Many people who are culturally Catholic will flee if the truth is taught.


  1. I found this commentary by Fr. Barron to be an interesting supplement to the above video...

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