Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Lied to Kids...

President Barack Obama gave his speech to the public educated children of America, and in his speech he quoted his book which indicates his parents were married living for two years as husband and wife. Obama told the school children of American that his father "abandoned" his mother when he was two years old. Obama's mother is quoted in his book, Dreams From My Father: "When your father graduated from UH [University of Hawaii], he received two scholarship offers. One was to the New School, here in New York. The other one was to Harvard. The New School agreed to pay for everything – room and board, a job on campus, enough to support all three of us. Harvard just agreed to pay tuition. But Barack was such a stubborn bastard, he had to go to Harvard. How could I refuse the best education? he told me. That's all he could think about, proving that he was the best…" World Net Daily did an investigation into the story, and revealed facts that this is entirely untrue! Ann Dunham left her husband when Barack Obama, Jr. was less than a month old and moved to Washington where she attended college in Seattle. There is no indication of Dunham working in college, or how she paid her bills. The address on the birth announcement wast Obama's grandparents, Madelyn and Stanley Dunham, this was published in the Honolulu newspapers. Barack Obama Sr. maintained a separate bachelor pad at an address closer to the University of Hawaii.There is no indication that Dunham and Obama Sr. ever lived together, furthermore there is no indication that Dunham or Obama Sr. ever visited each other while she was in Seattle and he was in Honolulu.
Catholic Femina Speaks: I have no qualms with the fact that Dunham raised Obama as a single mother, it takes a lot of courage to raise a child on your own. To claim that she was abandoned by her spouse when in fact the opposite is true; is another story. Obama's mother was not a lovely wife living with her husband when he abruptly left them, as he has led America to believe. She in fact never lived with her husband and as the above time line indicates Dunham moved away. I know that the Obama administration is full of lies, and this may seem like a minor detail... but is a direct attempt to deceive people into sympathising with him. The president wants Americans to believe he has been in their shoes and felt their pain. Even if the whole story is a carefully concocted lie. I know that American want the truth and it hurts that our president would be so low as to try to manipulate the children in difficult divorce situations. But one thing is evident, President Barack Obama knows no limits and will use all means to move his agenda forward.

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