Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Catholic Cammpaign For (In)Human Development

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development has been funding organizations that are contrary to the morals and beliefs of the Catholic faith. The evidence provided is accurate and needs to be addressed immediately.
Here is a list of the groups funded by the CCHD advocating abortion or prostitution, or both:
1. The Chinese Progressive Association -- CPA
CPA has been funded by the CCHD for the last four years and was scheduled to receive $30,000 this year. Its 2008 voters guide urged Californians to vote against proposition 8 and proposition 4 requiring parental notification for minors seeking abortions.
2. Los Angeles Community Network -- LA CAN
CCHD has just defunded this organization which was to receive $40,000 this year. LACAN promotes same-sex marriage, contraception, and the morning-after pill.
3. The Rebecca Project for Human Rights
The Rebecca Project, funded by the USCCB for the last four years, joined Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion organizations in signing a “wish list” of reproductive priorities for President Obama to carry out during his first 100 days in office. This list includes proposals to increase funding for contraception and abortion, defunding abstinence programs, and the end of the Mexico City Policy.
4. The Women’s Community Revitalization Project
This organization was scheduled to receive $30,000 from the CCHD. It is a "coalition partner" of WomenVotePA, which advocates abortion, the morning-after pill, contraception, and same-sex "marriage."
5. Young Workers United
Scheduled to receive $25,000 from the CCHD. It publicly supports abortion, same-sex "marriage," and the legalization of prostitution. Their 2008 voters guide opposed proposition 8 and proposition 4 in California. The organization also advocated decriminalizing prostitution and urged and advised San Francisco voters to adopt proposition K.

Another important detail was mentioned by in its report. The
CCHD cannot fund or defund any organization without permission of the local
bishop, according to the CCHD director Ralph McCloud. This means that the
scandal of CCHS grant-making is not just the problem of the USCCB staff, it is
the problem of all the bishops who sign off on funding for groups like the Los
Angeles Community Network in their dioceses.
Rob Gasper, the founder of Bellarmine Veritas Ministry, is to be congratulated for his investigation. I hope he will continue his investigation into lists of CCHD grantees from earlier years -- I am sure he will find more of the same, unfortunately, for Catholics around the nation
whose money was being ill spent. Inside Catholic
Catholic Femina Speaks: We as Christians are called to give of our time, talent, & treasure... and as my husband says "if you want something done right you have to do it yourself." The day of blindly paying organizations to care for the poor and under privileged without investigating the evidence of the organizations morals is ending. People are going to have to go out get their hands a little dirty... find out where their "treasure" is going and confirm that funds are used to support good organizations. There is no better assurance that you are supporting a good Catholic organization than investigating it yourself. The USCCB is not a reliable stamp of approval. Simple questions such as what organizations do you support? Or is Planned Parenthood involved with any of your affiliates? These are good starter questions before supporting a cause. I was shocked over the ACORN scandal, but this is much worse... our bishops have blindly given the stamp of approval to an organization that undermines morality. The Culture of Death has infiltrated the Catholic organizations and the faithful must look before they give. We are responsible for where our money is spent. If our donations are used for abortions, then we are paying for abortions. If donors are interested in where their money is spent, and check up on these organizations less of these issues will arise. People will be more careful to avoid scandal and bribes. Pray for the leaders of the Church, and help them by being interested in the happenings around your diocese.
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