Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School Warning Unpatriotic

The ACLU and other critics of the 117-year-old Pledge of Allegiance are pushing for legislation that requires all public school students be given a "Miranda warning" that informs them of their right not to recite the words and instead remain silent. Should schools be required to inform students that they have the right not to say the Pledge of Allegiance? Fox Forum
Catholic Femina Speaks: Should American children pledge allegiance to our country's flag in public schools? This is the flag of the country paying for their education, and I believe that they should show some appreciation to the country that made it possible for them to receive an education. Besides most kids in public school do not know what the "Miranda Warning" is; and it is really a waste of school time. Kids do understand please and thank you... pledging allegiance to our country is letting the men who have died for our country know it was not in vain.

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  1. I remember in elementary school, one girl remain silent I think remain seated for the Pledge. Parents who already object to the Pledge have already made the proper arrangements for their children.

    While minors do have the Miranda rights when arrested, as you said they wouldn't understand completely why someone on prudent grounds would not remain silent during the Pledge. While it is a right of the minor individuals to know inform of Miranda I think mostly it is so to protect police investigation if a minor does speak.

    I think if I was in 8th grade and saw so many other students simply not stand I would feel awkward and simply join them. I think a notice to the parents is a fine alternative.

    I do find a bit of irony there was a big uproar regarding the President address to students, individuals who wanted the choice to remove a child from the speech were accused of overreacting and unpatriotic, but yet a child may have a right on the grounds simply "s/he doesn't feel like it" not to say the Pledge.