Thursday, September 17, 2009

French Preschool Teacher Bites Child?

French court has fined a preschool teacher $1,450 for biting the cheek of an allegedly unruly 4-year-old during a bathroom break. The court in the Normandy town of Lisieux handed down the fine Wednesday over the March 2007 incident in the nearby town of Houlgate. The teacher had denied the boy's claim and said he had been misbehaving. The ruling came after a medical report showed a bruise on his face.The school reprimanded the 48-year-old teacher weeks afterward. In keeping with French judicial practice, the court didn't identify the woman because she is still teaching. MSN

Catholic Femina Speaks: I could not believe this story... I have a three year old, and she is adorable, wonderful, imaginative, and a fibber. As all preschool age children she likes to embellish the truth. On occasions she has told me that her stuffed toys came to life, I feel sorry for the humiliation this woman had to go through over a toddler's accusation. Any court that would take the testimony of a four-year-old over an adult is an abomination. A child of four is bound to have multiple bruises at any time from normal activity, and as this was not a bite mark and there was not reasonable evidence of contact I find this story absurd.

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