Saturday, September 12, 2009

Catholic Sports Hall of Fame

The Holy See announced yesterday that they are opening a sports hall of fame. The Vatican has hosted countless competitions and dozens of high-caliber athletes -- most of them lay employees, some of them monsignors and popes.
"Because so few people know about the sporty side of the Vatican and because much of it is oral history that needs to be preserved, one Vatican employee has decided to publish his research. Roberto Calvigioni, department head of sound engineering at Vatican Radio, spoke with the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, this summer about the soccer champs, black belts, tennis aces and cycling stars who will appear in his book, which, he explained, is still in the works. Pope John Paul II obviously stands out as the most athletic pope in memory: He was an avid skier, soccer player, swimmer and hiker. Sports are played at all levels of the vatican and even today's Vatican employee teams have monsignors from the Secretariat of State and various Roman Curia offices as well as the Swiss Guards, lay employees from Vatican Radio, the post office, the Vatican newspaper, the museums, the library and even the Sistine Chapel choir. All battle it out for the 'Vatican Cup' and the 'Super Cup' each year." CNS
Catholic Femina Speaks: I love the idea of a Catholic sports hall of fame, athletes are such as big part of young peoples lives it is important to give recognition to those who uphold the Catholic faith. The above picture is of bishops hanging out in a baseball locker room before mass in with the pope. I would love to be able to watch a Vatican sports match or see the USCCB take on the Swiss Guard... I hope that this will be open to the public soon.

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