Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ACLU To Defend Hardened Murderer On Trial

Gary C. Mitchell of Ruidoso, the president of the board of directors of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico, will be representing Marino Leyba, Jr. who is accused of killing his 17 year-old pregnant girl friend, Sarah Lovato; her nine month old unborn child, and her father. Leyba shot Loyato in the stomach and in the back; prosecutors are saying that her purposely targeted the unborn child. The president of the ACLU wants Leyba to plead not guilty on the grounds of insanity and will be defending him in the case. Leyba will not be charged with the murder of the unborn child because New Mexico is not one of the 35 states to have unborn child victims law in place. After the killing, state Rep. Larry Larrañaga, an Albuquerque Republican, said he planned to ask Gov. Bill Richardson to allow a debate on an unborn victims bill. Life News

Catholic Femina Speaks: If this does not open your eyes to the evils of the ACLU I don’t know what will. This man murdered three people and the ACLU wants to intervene so that he does not have to pay the consequences for his crime. The only reason that the ACLU has become involved is because this case involves an unborn baby. They want to protect anyone who murders the unborn and do not care about anyone else who might be hurt in the process. This heinous triple homicide is a prime example of why the ACLU is a threat to our society. We need to be reminded why the ACLU was formed and then look at what it has become. Lebya should spend the remainder of his life in prison. The ACLU wants this crazed killer to go free since he murdered an unborn baby and they want to promote the culture of death in all arenas. I pray that this man will not be allowed to go free and that the Americans will see how corrupt the ACLU is.

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