Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Catholic Health Association Retracts Obama Care Support

Sr. Carol Keehan, DC, president and chief executive officer of Catholic Health Association, said: “our message has always been clear: health care must respect and protect human dignity from conception to natural death. In that spirit, coverage for everyone is a moral imperative and a matter of social justice.” This was the motivation to make the advertisement begging Americans to accept the health care bill and not wait for reform. Keehan has been asking for health care reform, and is excited about the prospect of Obama Care… The confusing advertisement leads Americans to believe that CHA supports the present health care reform, and they do not mention abortion, euthanasia, or the death panels. CHA is one of a few organizations such as Planned Parenthood who have been pushing this bill. The message is I can’t wait for health care reform,” sounds like CHA is calling Americans to turn a blind eye to the moral issues at hand. In a recent statement Keehan claims: “to date, CHA has not endorsed any health care reform bill, but our message to lawmakers is unchanged: Health reform should not result in an expansion of abortion, and it must maintain conscience protections for health care providers who do not want to participate in abortions or other morally objectionable procedures.” She has been trying to clarify that the advertisements are for “health care reform;” not necessarily anyone person’s reform plan… But President Barack Obama is the first one to speak about his plan on the advertisement and he is followed by people asking for health care. CNA

Catholic Femina Speaks: If CHA was not promoting Obama care, I don’t know what would be. Keehan was excited about having money for her organization and didn’t think through the repercussions of accepting money from the government. She also ignores the success of Catholic healthcare based on donations, and how these donations would stop if people are over-taxed to pay for the new Obama Care. Universal health care is not a good option and I think that Keehan is seeing the full picture a little late. She sat with rose colored glasses on and believed the liberal media; she thought that the government would help people. She ignored the abortions on demand, the QALY system, and the death panels. She took her own interpretation of what she hoped health care reform would be and presented it. Keehan was sadly wrong; she is admitting her error in a round-about way. Hopefully Catholics will realize that Keehan is not an authority on the health care reform of President Obama and look for more reliable sources in the future.

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