Wednesday, September 2, 2009

China Abortions Top 13 Million!

“The one child policy causes more violence toward women and girls than any other policy on the face of the earth,” said Reggie Littlejohn, a one child policy expert and president of the newly-founded Women's Rights Without Frontiers. “Forced abortions and forced sterilizations are an unacceptable form of population control. Many women develop critical health problems for the rest of their lives and the emotional impact resulting from forced abortions contributes to the high rate of female suicides.”

Wei Linrong from Guangxi Province, a devout Christian and anti-abortionist, was forcibly injected with poison that killed her unborn child, according to a National Public Radio (NPR) report. Ten family planning officials visited her home and drove Wei and her husband to a maternity hospital. Wei was put through nearly 16 hours of contractions before a stillborn emerged, blackened by the effects of drugs. The body was then thrown away like “rubbish” by nurses, according to NPR. Wei was seven months pregnant. He Caigan, an unmarried 19-year-old, was forced to abort her child at nine months in the same manner, according to the report by NPR. The operation caused her prolonged physical pain and emotional trauma. The one child policy was introduced in 1979 to curb the apparently growing problem of overpopulation. Years earlier, under Mao Zedong’s rule in the 1950s, Chinese people were encouraged to produce children to boost the country’s labor and military forces.

China Daily, a state-controlled newspaper, recently published annual abortion figures of 13 million and a live birth rate of 20 million, as recorded by China’s National Family Planning Commission. The Chinese citizens are forced to get a permit in order to have a baby to begin with, single women are forbidden from having children, and married women with one child are forcibly sterilized or given an Intra-Uterine Device (IUD). The sterilizations are carried out on the local level, and there are monetary incentives for the provinces with the higher numbers. Individuals with very little experience perform sterilizations and abortions; resulting in the prolonged injuries of countless women. Furthermore, the cultural preference to male children that has caused a sex crisis in China indicates that nearly 50% of female fetuses must be aborted. Abandoned children are another huge problem; parents who divorce and want another child in a new marriage abandon the child from their previous relationship to have another. The affects of this law extend to every level of society and the leader in China could very easily change this evil edict. Epoch Times

Catholic Femina Speaks: I had a female friend, who was an exchange student from china. She had no cousins, aunts, or uncles. The family unit was totally the parents and grandparents. When she came to the United States for college she was thrilled by the family dynamics with siblings and cousins. She confessed that as a child she used to imagine that she had a sister. My friend married and stayed in the US because she wanted reproductive freedom; sounds like a slogan to have abortions… but abortions are not freeing. As china demonstrates the freedom to not have a child takes the right of the person away. My friend said that there are so many more men than women in China that friends of her parents would be angry that she would not return to marry in their country. My friend’s father was sad to loose his only family, but her mother expressed different feelings. Her mother is a wealthy and successful business woman, but when she learned that her daughter wanted to stay in the US and have more children, her mother said she was envious and longed for more children. Her mother was successful and wealthy, able to buy anything to make her happy, except have a baby. She praised her daughter. I was touched by the understanding.

The laws in China are brutal and hurt millions of families. The physical pain and the emotional scares will take decades to undo. China is committing genocide of their people. I pray that this will end and the women of China will be freed.

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