Saturday, August 15, 2009

53 Year-Old to Try Out For Catholic College Basketball Team

Chris Spina, a 53 year old, realtor of Bonita Springs, Florida was 300 pounds a little over eight months ago. He told his friends and family that he would loose nearly 100 lbs. in hopes of playing college NAIA basketball at Ave Maria University. Spina works out for 3-4 hours daily and has hired a hall of fame caliber basket ball coach to hone in his skills. “I fully intend to make that team and get on the court and play,” Spina said. AMU coach Jamon Copeland coach has informed Spina that he would have a fair try out just as any other student. “Age doesn’t have anything to do with it,” Copeland said. “Ability is what I’m looking for. If there’s someone that can help us, we’ll take them, but I’m not going to take somebody just to take them.” Spina’s dream of playing college ball will be determined by his performance at the try-outs; on an early fall date yet to be announced. Naples News

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