Monday, August 10, 2009

Bible Class In Texas Public Schools

A new class to be offered in Texas public schools, the class is going to be a look into the Bible. Texas has been preparing to offer a Bible class since 2007. The School board wanted to be sure that the teachers were prepared to teach the class and had the proper tools to offer it before initiating the mandate to offer a Bible class. Over 2008 the Texas Department of Education took the Legislators’ 2007 mandate, which ensures that a class on the Bible's impact on history and literature of Western civilization would be taught in an "objective, academic manner that neither promotes nor disparages religion," and not "from a particular sectarian point of view." The class is to give students an overview from a purely educational standpoint leaving out any particular religion. News-Journal
Catholic Femina Speaks: A public school class on the Bible, hmmm. This just sends up red flags for me. The Bible is the word of God, and it has to be represented as such. Taking religion away from the Bible is like taking Christ out of Christmas; you are left with the shell of something that once was good and is now a perversion of secularism. A class taught on the Bible will only be as true as the individual teacher’s representation. Furthermore giving parameters on teaching ties the hands of the teacher and degrades the Bible to merely literature. I foresee that this class will rob faith rather than spread it. Stripping reverence and honor due to the Word of God cannot bring good.

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