Sunday, August 9, 2009

Natural Baby Sex Selection: Ethical?

A new company, Choice Baby, has promised consumers that it has uncovered the secret to infant sex selection. The plan is backed by a 100% money back guarantee the Choice Baby has a 98.7% success rate. The process is not like the recent attempts for sex selection that required fertilization of an egg outside of the mother’s womb. Past methods of sex selection have involved In Vitro Fertilization and other processes contrary to the Catholic Church teachings. There are no invasive processes to the Choice Baby plan, the act of pro-creation is all-natural. Jenifer Chin a leading sales manager said:

“At Choice Baby, a conception chart is prepared based on the analysis of
data like blood type, date of birth and other personal information. The gender
chart will show the favorable days to attempt conception. All information given
by the couple is sent to a laboratory in France and within 12 working days the
chart is ready.” Asia One Health

Catholic Femina Speaks: So we can now decide if we want a boy or a girl, with reasonable certainty. Is this morally right? I would say that this depends on the person. If a couple uses the Choice Baby Chart and tries to conceive a boy, and they find out that the plan was wrong. How the couple responds to this mistake answers the moral question. If they decide that they will abort the baby because they are having a girl rather than a boy. This is wrong. If they are open to all life and will carry the baby to term boy or girl it is acceptable. Being open to all life and hoping to conceive a child of a particular sex is not a sin, most parents hope for a girl or boy. We have to leave room for God and in the Choice Baby plan 98.7% is not a hundred percent. This is a lot like the Natural Family Planning Model that is 99% accurate, and still open to life.


  1. I think it's ethical - as long as it is a natural method - not a genetic method.

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