Saturday, August 1, 2009

CA Education Program Wants K-12 Stem Cell Program

Dehumanizing children and turning children into Obama Minions is the goal of the proposed education plan in California. University of California Embryonic stem cell research program is planning to help usher in a state educational agenda to provide K-12 children means to destroy unborn babies.

The state department of education is to promote stem cell and biotechnology education and workforce development in and through all of the following:
— The K-12 High Speed Network, including its academic platform
— The California Career Resource Network
— Regional science resource centers
— The California Partnership Academies
— The Health Science Capacity Building Project
— The California Health Science Educators Institute
The department of education is to post on its website information on biotechnology education programs, the reproductive medicine institute education initiatives, and related stem cell education and workforce development programs.
The department of education is to incorporate stem cell science curriculum content into the science curriculum framework, evaluation criteria, and instructional materials at its next revision and adoption
. California Catholic Daily

Catholic Femina Speaks: Historically when nations sought change they began with the youth. Spartans used children, Hitler brainwashed children, and this plan will rip the innocence from child. This will strip away the fundamental understanding that human life is to be protected. Change is brought in by a new generation protect your kids from dehumanization. The propagandists behind the culture of death wants to severe the ties to life in youth so that it will be easier for them to market evil in America

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