Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama: Image of Christ or Harbinger of Death?

“We are God’s partners in matters of Life and death”… When President Barack Obama said this I was wondering which God he was blaspheming. I came to the conclusion that the statement was intended to be Christian since the Muslim community was not offended. Obama has started a “40 days for Health Reform;” he is asking the Christian community to drop their morals in the way side and follow him into the culture of death. Life Site News

Catholic Femina Speaks: If you can’t stamp out religion, become God? Obama is trying to personify Christ, with the “partnering with God” and “40 days”… Using biblical theory to promote Christian support is only effective when the person actually imitates the Gospel. Jesus spent forty days praying for the salvation of souls, and Obama will spend his forty days collaborating to exterminate more unborn babies! I thought that Obama wanted to play God, killing the less desirable, as he feels. Now he is trying to convince Americans that he got a message from God. I am thinking that he must have developed a new version of the bible too We now have the Revised Standard, the Douhey-Rheims, the King James; now it will be the Obama Bible…maybe written in Ebonics for diversity. I hope that Americans are not fooled by the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and continue to fight against the culture of death.

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