Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Supreme Knight Demands Abortion Removed From Obama Healthcare

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson siad "A health care system designed to save lives on the one hand must not become a vehicle for taking lives through abortion and euthanasia," during the his address to the K of C Conference. The Supreme Knight took time to reiterate the Knight's stand on Abortion. Anderson also described plans to increase the Knights of Columbus ultrasound initiative, in which the Supreme Council joins with state and local councils in funding the purchase of ultrasound machines for crisis pregnancy clinics. "Up to 90% of women considering abortion choose to have their babies after seeing an Ultrasound image," Anderson noted. "They hear their baby's heartbeat; they see their baby's head and fingers. They know that their baby is a child, not a choice." prnewswire
Catholic Femina Speaks: The Supreme Knight is a man of admirable character and he is trying to use his influence to inspire the American people. The statitics that he quotes are impressive. I think that Americans need to hear about the work of the KofC to end abortion, because they are sucessful.

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