Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sex Bus To Educate UK Teens Without Parents

A team of youth is staffing a bus to help educate younger youth about sex and test for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The bus is supposed to be for youth over thirteen, but no proof of age is required to get on the “Sex Bus.” The U.K. bus running under the ‘Summer of Love’ plan and boasts the slogan: “R U Sure Ur Really Ready.” The bus will be parked outside an amusement arcade on Bournemouth promenade every Friday evening during the summer holidays. Tim Fewell, head of youth service at Bournemouth council, said: “This is very much focused on the idea of encouraging young people to delay sexual activity until they are ready.” Many parents are disturbed by the buss and think distributing condoms and giving them an STD screening is not the most effective method to promote good decisions. Telegraph UK

Catholic Femina Speaks: So now a thirteen year old can climb on a bus without his or her parents’ consent and be checked for STDs? There is no proof of age required so younger kids can go on the bus to receive the informative sex information from ‘peers’ and receive a free condom. The idea is to encourage kids to wait until they are ready? This is the broadest statement that can be put on kids. They are kids and they don’t know when they are ‘ready’ but regardless of the supposed attempt to delay sexual activity the bus arms to youngsters with contraceptives. I know that this is far from a Chastity scheme and it sounds more like a means to help teens hide their sexual activity from their parents. This bus normalizes casual sex for teens and gives them a false representation of the proper place for intimacy. As a parent I would not want my children to see the ‘Sex Bus and I would be furious about a group that believes it is their duty to educate teens and children about sex without the knowledge of their parents. I know that this plan will not lower teen pregnancy. Educating a younger generation on contraceptives has been a failed plan in other nations and it is sad to see the U.K. take this road.

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