Thursday, August 6, 2009

The End of Private Middle Class Health Care

Catholic Femina Speaks: The end of the private middle class Healthcare… This should be the proper title for the Obama Health Care plan. After a conversation with my cousin I decided I should make a frightening comparison to those who still believe “equal” means freedom. In the United States 88% of students attend public schools, 9% attend parochial schools , 1% attends private independent schools, and 2% are home-schooled.
Why am I quoting school statistics on a blog about Health care?

Well, in 2007 the Department of Education had a budget of $972 Billion dollars. This is money that Americans paid in taxes was used to pay for education. Statistics reveal that 11% of the population is not using the public school system, but they are not reimbursed for the school-tax they paid. Everyone is charged the same school-tax whether they have children in the school system or not. So the folks who have deemed it necessary to educate their children by means of home-schooling, private, or parochial schools are paying twice for their children’s education. The point that I am driving at is that many families in the United States would like the freedom to put their children in a private school, but due to the burden of the large school-tax it is impossible. So the middle class family is given no choice but to use the second rate government education institutes. The freedom of middle class families to seek private/parochial education was robbed by the taxes to pay for “FREE” public education. Now, attending private/parochial school is considered a mark of the upper class; because most of the middle class cannot afford it.
I see many parallels between the public education system and the Obama Health Care System… Americans can maintain private health insurance if they can bare the financial burden of the high taxes from this new system with their present costs of healthcare. Like the education system, most of the middle class will not be able to afford double pay for health care. So with this being said, private insurance will be reserved for the wealthy, just as private/parochial education. With the Obama health care plan it will be so burdensome for the middle class to carry private health care that it will cease to exist for them altogether.

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