Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hearing the Confessions of Shopaholics

Concerned about spending too much during your next shopping trip? Why not pair shopping with a trip to confession. The Diocese of Colorado Springs, Colorado has a new take on evangelization. In a chapel funded by the Capuchins, Knights of Columbus, and the Diocese of Colorado Springs; Mass is now daily available in a shopping mall. In the upper level of the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs nestled between Dillard’s and the Burlington Coat Factory is the Catholic Center where there is Mass and Confession is heard. Recent studies have shown that confessions are down; so this diocese is actively promoting confession for the people. Supported by five Capuchins, the Catholic Center offers people the chance to go to Church inside their comfort zone. “Some people are hesitant to stop into an organized church, but the Catholic Center offers a 'no strings attached' approach,” said Msgr. Robert E. Jaeger, vicar general of the diocese of Colorado Springs. The Center offers Mass twice each day and confession from 9:00am- 10:00pm the same hours of the mall. This Chapel for the shopper has had 72,000 people attend the 6:00pm mass and 16,000 attending the 12:10pm mass since opening in 2001. So if you are looking to go back to school on a good note new shirt and a clean soul are available at the Citadel Mall. CNS

Catholic Femina Speaks: Bringing goodness to weakness? Or is this like when Christ said do not make of my Father's House a market place. I think that Jesus hit people with reeds and over turned the money changers' tables at this point. These Capuchins have made the Father's house in the market and have not busted any ATM Machines. Maybe that makes the difference. I am glad to hear so many people are going to mass and using this as a way to return to the faith. I know that this is a good excuse to go to the mall, I'm going to confession. Can't argue with that one, but the question is can you go make it there without being tempted on the way in. I hope that this will bring many people back to Mass and the sacraments.

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  1. I think this is wonderful. Paul would go to the marketplace to preach when he came to a new city. Of course, he started with the synagog but once they threw him out, often with the requisite beating, he would head out to the market where people gathered and get right back to the task of spreading the gospel.

    So I think this is pretty cool. Get a priest and a confessional and information on the faith in the very place the teens and young adults hang out. A spot for the kid whose boyfriend just dumped her to go and be treated kindly by someone who knows Jesus and will help her look in the right places for comfort.

    In short, this is a great idea. IMO. :)