Thursday, August 6, 2009

Catholic College Imperative For Social Studies & Humanities

Does college affect the spirituality of the person? This was the question that propelled the University of Michigan Study, the researchers observed students majoring in: Education, Vocational/Clerical, Business, Biology, Engineering, Physical Science/Math, Humanities, and Social Sciences. At the start of the study researchers had expected the Physical Science/Math students to move farther from religion, but the truth surprised the researchers. The group studied nearly 26,000 students graduating high school between the years 1996-2006. The researchers concluded that students majoring in Education had the greatest church attendance and put the most emphasis on the importance of religion. The study observed that students who studied Humanities and Social Studies were the most likely to loose their faith. Ars Technica
Catholic Femina Speaks: This study is very interesting, especially considering that most of the “real Catholic Colleges” are liberal arts or humanity based. I believe that this is because these subjects speak the most of religion and it is imperative that these subjects be taught in light of the faith. I hope that this study enlightens people to the importance of studying at a Catholic college particularly for the humanities and the Social Sciences.

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  1. I am not surprised by this chart. Years ago I was working toward a MS in breeding theory and so took all the classes in genetics with those working on MS in genetics. For me, my time studying genetics only enhanced my faith in God. The shear beauty of the genetic code always turns my mind to things of Faith.