Monday, August 3, 2009

Catholic Femina's Top Ten List: Why I Love Being Catholic

10. Universal, the Catholic Church is the same everywhere and I can go to the same church anywhere in the world, one big family the mystical body of Christ.
9. The Holy Father, I love the Pope and the visible unbroken succession of the Church from Christ
8. Grace, God helps me when times are tough
7. The Saints, Other people who have lived a Holy Life praying for me in heaven!
6. Mary, I enjoy the added benefit of being able to talk to God’s Mom particularly through the rosary
5. Matrimony, Marriage is not just a legal document it is a sacrament and way to get to heaven
4. The Holy Spirit, He is there in my heart to strengthen my will to do good
3. Confession, for a good clean feeling for the soul no matter what
2. Mass, going to church and joining in the sacrifice of Christ.
1. The Eucharist, Sharing in the Paschal meal, receiving the body and blood of Christ, as he commanded us to.

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