Monday, August 17, 2009

Red Flag: Obama Health Care Growing Worse!

Is Obama waving white flag to blind the American people? In a surprising move on Sunday President Barack Obama claimed to be removing “the public option” from the health care plan. Instead the new proposal by Senator Kent Conrad, D-N.D., consumer-owned nonprofit cooperatives would sell insurance in competition with the private industry, not unlike the way electric and agriculture co-ops operate. The government will give these co-ops federal money to start-up of $3-$4 billion dollars, but the companies will be independently managed outside the government. Taking the “public option” out of the healthcare plan is not a major change according to Obama. "All I'm saying is, though, that the public option, whether we have it or we don't have it, is not the entirety of health care reform," Obama said at a town hall meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado; "This is just one sliver of it, one aspect of it." Yahoo News

Catholic Femina Speaks: Obama has been trying to stop grass roots movements, he has been trying to prevent people from exposing the death panel, and he has been attempting to cover up the rationing of care. All of these efforts have been foiled by the American people. A new day of the media has arrived; American citizens read the proposals before them. They don’t blindly sit by and listen to the liberal news broadcasters interpretations. Americans want to preserve their rights and are prepared to stand up for them in an Obama town hall meeting or on facebook. Obama calls removing the ‘public option’ only a ‘sliver of it;’ this is not a white flag for Americans, this is a red flag. After all the controversy over this bill the president is not conceding. He has found another way to move his agenda forward. Forming insurance co-ops with federal funding is not a means to help Americans have other options; it is an effort to put private health insurance out of business. As I wrote before; in the past health care plan Obama was not forcing anyone to take public health care, he was making it extremely difficult if not impossible to get health care else where. In this new plan only the co-ops that keep with government principles will receive the funding; pro-abortion, pro-contraceptive, and pro-euthanasia companies that work as an extension of the government. Obama can keep his nose clean by saying that there is no ‘public option,’ but in reality he has not changed the out come at all. Health care will be provided through government approved co-ops and government funding will be used to make these plans inexpensive. As history shows when the government gives funds they have control of care. Judie Brown, American Life League, said “I do not want a government who has killed 500,000 babies to have a role in my health care, and especially my end of life decisions.” I hope that Americans will see that this plan is different means to the same end. They can stand their ground and continue to fight for the Culture of Life!

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