Monday, August 17, 2009

Voodoo In the White House?

President Barack Obama has threatened to turn his mother-in-law out of the White House, and not because of her end of life cost to health care! According to the recent rumors 72-year-old Marian Robinson is practicing voodoo in the White House. Robinson began practicing Sanateria, an African Spirit cult, during her husband’s illness Robinson in the 1980s and did not stop after his death. Rumor has it that Obama is furious that his mother-in-law is practicing the occult in his home and has threatened to send her back to Chicago. Atkinson's Advice

Catholic Femina Speaks:This is a rumor going around and I could not pass this up, 'voodoo?' I have to take a moment here because I hardly ever see eye to eye with the president… but I do agree that I would not have anyone practicing voodoo around my kids!


  1. as Catholics we are taught that gossip is sinful. As much as I dislike the president's policies this story by your own words is rumor.