Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Faithful Prefer Tridentine Mass!

A survey conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate has found that Catholics in the United States with an opinion on the subject favor the availability of the extraordinary form of the Mass by a two to one margin, with the majority having no opinion. When asked “Do you favor as an alternative to the newer Mass, bringing back the older Latin Tridentine Mass for those who would prefer this option?” 25% favor the option, 12% oppose it, and 63% have no opinion.
Support for the extraordinary form option is higher among older Catholics, those who attend Mass weekly, political independents, and those with graduate degrees.
A similar survey conducted in 1985 found that Catholics favored the option by a 40%-35% Catholic Culture
Catholic Femina Speaks: I enjoy the Tridentine Mass, when I have the option I attend mass in Latin. I attended mass as a child in Latin with the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. I believe that in many ways the Tridentine Mass is more reverent with the priest facing the altar, and ultimately God rather than the distracting congregation. I love the Communion rail! I know that the Latin language is more traditional and can be a universal mark of the church because it is at the heart of the faith. I know that the Latin language adds mystery to the mass and makes people pay attention because they have to follow along in their missals rather than dose off...


  1. The preist faces the alter with his back to the people because he is offering the sacrifice on behalf of the people that is the traditional role of the preist in the Bible. Also the Latin language was universal nothing was lost in translation. Great job Theresa.

  2. Sorry I listed myself as anonymous accidently.

  3. I have recently been exposed to the Tridentine Mass and it stired up all my childhood sexual abuse issues. I thought, with the deacon repeatedly kissing the hand of the priest, no wonder ...
    I was lucky enough to attend a college which also housed a seminary. The noon Mass was Novus Ordo LATIN.
    It was beautiful, respectiful and without the odd (and I think excessive) gestures and hidden prayers the tridentine has,
    Maybe if, for these last 40 years, we in the US, were served with "the ordinary form - LATIN" fewer people would be grabbing the Tridentine with both hands. Even PBXVI calls it the EX-trordinary form.
    Why don't we all just insist on the ORDINARY form in Latin which is and always has been our right.

  4. I suspect the numbers would be considerably lower if the question was "Would you like to attend the TLM?" or should your parish make the mass you usually attend a TLM?". Most people are pretty live and let live unless letting you have your way inconveniences me in some way.

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  6. Boy, did you ever write that headline wrong. This study did NOT say faithful Catholics prefer the Latin Rite; it said that most people don't care whether or not the Latin Rite crowd get to go off and do their own thing at their own Latin Rite Mass. Most Faithful Catholics Prefer, Are OK With, Are Perfectly Happy With the Ordinary Mass, period.

    Required Homework: http://www.amazon.com/How-Lie-Statistics-Darrell-Huff/dp/0393310728